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This page will give you an idea of where our Lions Club is coming from:

Lions Club International History:

In 1917, Melvin Jones was a young Chicago Insurance man serving as a secretary of the "Business Circle", a men's luncheon group devoted to promoting the business interests of its members. As he noted growing apathy in the club’s membership, he asked, "What if these men, who are successful because of their drive, intelligence, and ambition, were put to work helping their communities?"

The idea became a reality when, at the request of Mr. Jones representatives of men’s clubs throughout the United States met in Chicago on June 7, 1917 and formed Lions Clubs International. Under the leadership of Melvin Jones, who soon gave up his successful insurance agency to devote full time to Lionism, the organization prospered.

By 1925, membership was almost 60,000 with 1,183 clubs. By this time Canada, China and Mexico had become members making the organization truly international!

Helen Keller addressed the 1925 Lions Clubs International Convention, and challenged the membership to become "Knights of the Blind in the Crusade Against Darkness".

The association continued to grow both in numbers and in services. By the mid 1950's, Lions Clubs adopted the motto "We Serve" and were active in every continent.

Today’s association is the largest service organization in the world, bringing humanitarism and assistance to the community. We are also the most efficient at distributing to charities 98% of the money raised for charity.

Fullerton Host Lions Club History:

Fullerton Lions Club Charter

The Fullerton Host Lions Club was chartered in 1939. It is a part of the International Association of Lions Club. Since 1941, through many activities, the Fullerton Host Lions have been involved in fund-raising to aid the visually impaired and other related programs.
In order to support other worthwhile activities and organizations in the community, the Fullerton Host Lions sponsored in 1950 a "Fullerton Lions Club Fair". This fair had been an annual event until 1984. Over the years, it had been responsible for the direction of hundreds of thousands of dollars into the local charities, youth organizations, toward needy people, hospitals, and the City of Fullerton. This event then became a yearly golf tournament.
A contribution of $28,500 to the city of Fullerton in 1959 enabled the city to develop the Fullerton Municipal Golf Course. In return for this, the city dedicated "Lions Field" on Brea Blvd. to the Lions Club. This site was for many years the home of the fair. In 1969, the club through its charity funds and the labor of its members built the Lions Memorial Building on Lions Field. The club donated this building to the city and it is used extensively by the city and other organizations.The building and facilities of the Boys Club of Fullerton and the Child Guidance Center of North Orange County were constructed mainly from funds and the labor of the members of the Fullerton Lions Club.
To further promote Lionism in the community, Fullerton Host Lions sponsored the Fullerton Breakfast Lions Club in 1965. The name is due to the fact that they met in the morning. The club was known for it's annual crafts fair, which was successful until 2005. Another project that gained national coverage was the "Carol Guscott Fund" which was established to aid a woman regain sight and undergo plastic surgery, after she was devastated by an acid attack. They organized a kite-flying contest at CSUF, and participated in the Fullerton Railroad Days Fair. In 2009, The club sponsored the Troy High School LEO club, which has grown to 100 members.

In 2010, Both clubs merged again under the Host name, with meeting times in the morning or evening to accommodate the various members.

Over the years, Fullerton Lions have given over 1000 eye examinations and donated eyeglasses when needed, This is the main objective of the Lions Clubs of the world : to help the blind and visually impaired to live a more productive life.

More recently, our club has become involved with support of youth and students in Fullerton. 

This was exemplified in two programs:
1) Leos: There are two Leo clubs in Fullerton; the Sunny Hills High School Leos sponsored by the Fullerton Host Lions, and, the Troy High School Leos sponsored by the Fullerton Breakfast Lions. Both clubs provide the youth with a chance to complete hours of community service and apply these toward college. They also learn Leadership skills that will help them later in life.
2) Chess Activities: There are currently 9 chess clubs run under the sponsorship of the Fullerton Host Lions. They can be found in the Junior High schools, Elementary schools and Boys & Girls Club throughout the city. Children learn new skills during club hours and then apply them during Tournaments (Individual and Team). Chess has been shown to enhance scholastic aptitude. 
We continue to support Fullerton Collaborative, YMCA and FSD  sponsored youth events such as the  "Faces of Fullerton",  "Youth Days", and "Healthy Day Fair" with health-related and fun activities as the opportunities presents themselves.

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