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Photo Album 2014-2015: Fullerton City Championships

2015 Fullerton city chess championship Tournament Results (detailed)

The trophies awarded are listed below.  Because we have had to merge grades to make a good tournament, not every grade had three trophy winners. Obviously, when only two show up in a singlegrade, they will not get two trophies.  Rather, how they finished in the tournament and within their grade decided what trophy they received. For example, if someone finished third in a tour-nament that had three grades (K,1 and 2, or 6,7,and 8) they got a third grade trophy for their own grade.


Middle Group Champs: (from left to right - Denny Lee (6th - third place), Jonathan Hsing (6th, first place), Logan Colianni (6th), Matthew Song (6th), Kenny Tang (6th), and Nathan Chen (8th), with tournament Director Pete Baron and Host Lions President Walter Rountree in the back. Note: two fourth grader participants, Luke Mitry and Shrey-Smit Ghandi, were not available for photo.

Is this a Crushing move by Kenny Tang against Logan - or maybe not?
Kenny, in deep thought. Kenny administering a nasty Bishop check on square f7 to Shrey-Smit Ghandi, who does not look happy!
4th grade action
Down to the wire - a close end game between first and second place finishers Jonathan Hsing and Nathan Chen (Fred Falkowitz & Jennifer Baron in the background). TD Pete Baron awarding first place trophy to 6th grade Fullerton City Chess Champion Johnathan Hsing.
Finger propping the head often helps to stimulate the brain cells, or not? Denny Lee (in front) against Kenny Tang. Kenny against tournament winner Johnathan Hsing.
Judging from his countenance, Logan Colianni seems to be in control of this endgame. Logan seems to be unfazed by his loss of a rook to Nathan's stealth Queen move.

Luke Mitry in the attack mode against 6th grade champ Johnathan Hsing, with his buddy Shrey-Smit Ghandi looking on approvingly.
To trade or not trade (queens, that is) that is the question Luke is pondering.
Best Friends Shrey-Smit and Luke fighting it out for best-in-4th grade honors, in a game that generated some controversy. Last year's "Almost-champ" Matthew Song contemplating a sneak attack by Kenny Tang's white bishop.
Denny, you aren't supposed to take your King off the board! (Although apparently no objections from Kenny). In the background: Senior Chess club volunteers Fred Falowitz, Darryl, Joe Scherzinger, and TD Pete Baron. The 4th to 8 section in full swing, with section leader Darryl presiding.
In a pre-tournament skittles game, Nathan Chen attacks with gusto Super-champ tournament winner, and 2015 Fullerton City Chess Champion Michael Zhu. Nathan appears troubled, but the pieces on the board tell a different story: looks like he has the game won!
2015 "Super-Champs"  
FROM LEFT TO RIGHT - TD Lion Pete Baron, 2015 Fullerton City chess Champion Michael Zhu (8th), Denny Lee (third place, 5th grade), Isaac Kim (second place, 10th), section director John Darling, Anthony Kharrat (5th), Julia Hsing (7th), Lion President Walter Rountree, William Chwa (12th) They are off! Champion Michael Zhu stating his game against third place winner Denny Lee, while Anthony Kharrat (in red) is playing Julia Hsing in the background
Near the end of a tough battle between Denny and Michael. Will Michael's extra pawn prevail? (in the event, it did - in what turned out to be a critical game) _A view from the other end: Julia and Anthony engaged in a totally symmetrical game - at least for the time being
Breaking the symmetry: Julia takes a piece. Denny and Michael in the background, with senior "Grumpy" volunteer Fred Falkowitz observing the action Last year's City Chess Champion William Chwa (on left) is contemplating an aggressive move by second place finisher Isaac Kim (who may be getting secret instructions through his blue headset!)
Same game, facing Isaac Michael and Anthony - studies in concentration
Same game, with Super-champ section director John Darling peeking around the left to watch the action. Volunteer Arline Schmucke standing in the background, chatting with PDG (past district governor) Lion Matt Hunyadi facing her (white hair, bald spot) _Denny Lee in another tight game, this time against William Chwa. Isaac playing Julia in the background, with local chess notable Anthony observing
Isaac ready to pounce to double up Anthony's pawns, gaining a small but decisive advantage  


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